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What is Golden Tours?

Dreaming of gravel riding?  Let us make the arrangements for you. Golden Tours is now offering first-class trips, travel planning services and guidance in Girona.


We are Roope and Jay, two riding buddies who bonded over our love of gravel, good food and riding with friends in Girona. One day over a post ride cold beer we decided that we want to bring that experience and all that Girona has to offer to more people. 

With our established industry connections and cycling experience, we can offer unique travel experiences that you just can’t find anywhere else. We’re here to make your cycling vacation as seamless, relaxing and fun as possible.

Meet the Team

Nordic Gravel Series

Nordic Gravel Series host some of the most challenging and beautiful events on the gravel calendar. Golden Tours and NGS are the perfect partnership; whether you are training for one of their upcoming events or you want to escape the Scandanavian winter weather. Learn more about the Nordic Gravel Series here.

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